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We are experts in the field of investing, combining our knowledge and expertise in the stock trading niche. By transferring philosophy, knowledge and experience from the stock market to the web3 market, we show an undeniable advantage in terms of income for ourselves and our partners.



More and more web3 experts are agreeing with the idea that the metaverse is the most promising area in 10 years. The thing is that it is a result of all the best in the areas of cryptocurrency, NFT, as well as the technical component. In the early stages, which we are going through right now, there is a rapid development of technologies in all industries. At present, there are already a large number of startups, promising technologies that open up significant opportunities for earning


NFT is an integral part of the digitalization of the world. More and more companies are embracing NFTs as a quality alternative to physical property ownership. We at AX keep a close eye on the brightest and most promising representatives of the industry. The NFT market has gone through only one phase and is the youngest in blockchain technologies, however, our experience and expertise gave us confidence that we can earn money in this market, that it is promising and we are here for a long time.


It is even difficult to argue with the fact that cryptocurrencies are the next iteration of the development of money as such. In one form or another, blockchain currencies will continue to be used. Over the past 5 years, cryptocurrency has shown that it can compete with fiat money in all areas of financial use, which gives an understanding of its further development. Using our philosophy and experience with the stock market, we invest in cryptocurrencies according to a similar strategy, only with a completely different return


Last but not least, the metaverse is technology and ideas. We keep a close eye on all new firms in the market that are developing both physical devices and software. Investments in such firms are extremely promising, both in terms of long-term earnings and for the purpose of partnerships with the best representatives of the field.


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Easy entry

Have you heard a lot about how everyone around is making money on crypto, nft and metaverses, wanted to do the same but did not understand where to start.
With us, you can start earning within 5 minutes.

Friendly user experience

We have made sure that all elements of interaction with our resources are intuitive and that your experience with us is exceptionally simple and enjoyable, regardless of your device.


We want to create a powerful community because the key value for us is people. That is why we have added an affiliate program with which you can earn extra money by networking and sharing your impressions of working with other people.

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We want to be in close contact with our people, and also for our community to have the opportunity to be in touch with other partners, which is why we offer additional bonuses when participating in the social component of our company. Join, develop, earn.


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What cryptocurrencies can I use for replenishing my account?
To replenish the balance and withdraw funds, you can use the following cryptocurrencies: btc, eth, usdt erc-20, usdt trc-20, ltc, sol, and bnb.
Can I withdraw profit every day?
Yes, you can withdraw funds from your balance every day. The payout period is 24 business hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is $25.
Can I receive affiliate program bonuses without a personal deposit?
Yes, you can take part in the affiliate program even without your personal active deposit.
I have a startup/idea, I want to get funding for it.
In order to tell us about your product and have the opportunity to receive investments, write to [email protected] You will be sent a form to fill out, after which your application will be reviewed.
Do you have training?
At the moment, Axegy does not provide any training. Please follow our updates.
What are the commissions in the company?
Our mission is to popularize the web 3.0 sphere and further development in the field of metaverses. Please stay tuned to our roadmap to keep up to date with AX product launches.


Our company suits you if you have one of the folowing thoughts
In our company, we have done everything to lower the threshold for entering the web3 niche as much as possible. Join us and tomorrow you will earn your first money on the blockchain.
Many people have a request to build a stable passive income. By investing with us, you will be able to make passive income your main source of income. We strive to ensure that each person lives a truly happy life filled with impressions, emotions, and joy. That is why we try to make sure that the issue of income is closed with our help.
We have special conditions for opinion leaders, as well as for people with an audience. We offer to share with your subscribers the opportunity we provide, monetize your traffic and enjoy the positive feedback from your audience (be sure that it will be positive, we will take care of it)
We perfectly understand what you mean. Good investors are people who devote a huge amount of time to this area. That is why you will earn more if you cooperate with professionals in your field than if you invest alone in the hope of luck.